NSW Normal River Levels
NSW Normal River Levels

NSW Normal River Levels

These are `normal` river levels for NSW. The BOM only gives access to the last few days of data.

Normal NSW River Levels

As at 4th May 2021, NSW has had little rain for 3 weeks, so river levels are ‘normal’. This table was taken from on 4th May 2021.

High River levels can be found here

Station Name Time/Day Height Tendency Flood Class
Lake Macquarie
Cockle Ck at Barnsley Vale 9.25am Tue 0.09 steady  
Cockle Ck at Cockle Ck Railway Stn 9.15am Tue 0.07 steady  
Lake Macquarie at Marmong Point 9.15am Tue 0.07 steady  
Lake Macquarie at Belmont 9.15am Tue 0.06 steady  
Stoney Creek at Toronto 9.26am Tue 0.03 steady  
Dora Ck at Cooranbong 9.15am Tue 1.07 steady  
Stockton Ck at Morrisset 9.15am Tue 0.09 steady  
Dora Ck at Kalang Rd 9.15am Tue 0.08 steady  
Lake Macquarie at Swansea Channel 9.15am Tue -0.32 steady  
Wyong - Tuggerah Lake
Wyong R at Yarramalong 9.15am Tue 0.99 steady  
Wyong R at Gracemere 9.15am Tue 0.43 steady  
Jilliby Ck at Jilliby 9.30am Tue 0.11 steady  
Wyong R U/S Wyong Weir 9.15am Tue 1.31 steady  
Wyong R U/S Wyong Br 9.15am Tue 0.12 steady below minor
Tumbi Umbi Ck 9.15am Tue 0.15 steady  
Wallarah Ck at Bridge 9.15am Tue 0.11 steady  
Ourimbah Ck U/S Weir 8.30am Tue 0.66 steady  
Ourimbah (Ourimbah Ck) 8.36am Tue 9.70 steady  
Ourimbah Ck at Kangy Angy 9.15am Tue 5.73 steady  
Ourimbah Ck at Lees Bridge 9.15am Tue 0.12 steady  
Tuggerah Lake at Toukley 9.15am Tue 0.14 steady  
Tuggerah Lake at Long Jetty 9.15am Tue 0.15 steady below minor
Lisarow 9.42am Tue 1.42 steady  
Narara 7.52am Tue 2.15 steady  
West Gosford 9.40am Tue 0.04 steady  
Patonga (Tidal) 9.16am Tue -0.44 falling  
Northern Beaches
Narabeen Lagoon at Ocean Street 9.16am Tue 0.78 steady  
Wollondilly River
Mulwaree R at The Towers 8.45am Tue 3.50 steady  
Pejar Dam 8.44am Tue -13.83 steady  
Wollondilly R at Marsden Weir 9.35am Tue 0.05 steady  
Mulwaree R at Lansdowne Br 7.25am Tue 0.36 steady  
Wollondilly R at Murrays Flat 9.12am Tue 0.97 steady  
Wollondilly R at Golden Valley 7.45am Tue 0.55 steady  
Wingecarribee R at Sheepwash Bridge 8.45am Tue 0.45 steady  
Wingecarribee R at Bong Bong Weir 8.30am Tue 0.27 steady  
Wingecarribee R at Berrima 11.45pm Mon 1.06 steady  
Wingecarribee R at Greenstead 8.37am Tue 0.57 steady  
Tarlo R at Willowbank 7.45am Tue 0.55 steady  
Wollondilly R at Jooriland 7.45am Tue 0.55 steady  
Coxs River
Neubecks Ck U/S Wallerawang 9.30am Tue 0.54 steady  
Coxs R at Wallerawang Power Stn 9.30am Tue 0.38 steady  
Coxs R U/S Lake Lyell 8.45am Tue 0.70 steady  
Falmers Ck at Mount Walker 8.30am Tue 0.52 steady  
Coxs R at Glenroy Bridge 8.45am Tue 0.57 steady  
Coxs R at Island Hill 9.00am Tue 0.94 steady  
Megalong Ck at Narrow Neck 9.00am Tue 0.39 falling  
Coxs R at Kelpie Point 7.45am Tue 0.28 steady  
Warragamba Dam
Nattai R at The Crags 8.45am Tue 0.61 steady  
Nattai R at Smallwoods Crossing 7.45am Tue 0.13 steady  
Warragamba Dam 8.30am Tue -0.96 steady  
Warragamba Weir 8.30am Tue 0.21 steady  
Nepean River
Cataract Dam 9.25am Tue -1.39 rising  
Cataract R at Broughtons Pass 8.15am Tue 0.04 steady  
Cordeaux Dam 8.30am Tue -0.05 steady  
Avon Dam 8.00am Tue -0.34 steady  
Nepean Dam 8.15am Tue -0.67 steady  
Nepean R at Avon Dam Rd 8.30am Tue 10.36 steady  
Nepean R at Pheasants Nest 8.45am Tue 0.06 steady  
Stonequarry Ck at Picton 8.30am Tue 0.34 steady  
Nepean R at Menangle Weir 8.30am Tue 0.44 steady below minor
Nepean R at Menangle Bridge 8.50am Tue 0.35 steady below minor
Nepean R at Camden Weir 9.33am Tue 1.09 steady below minor
Nepean R at Mount Hunter 8.45am Tue 0.70 steady  
Nepean R at Wallacia Weir 8.00am Tue 0.19 steady below minor
Nepean R at Penrith 8.26am Tue 1.06 steady below minor
Grose River
Grose R at Grose Wold (Burralow) 6.55am Tue 0.19 steady  
Hawkesbury River to Windsor
Hawkesbury R at North Richmond 9.37am Tue 0.06 steady below minor
Hawkesbury R at Freemans Reach 9.15am Tue 0.82 steady  
Hawkesbury R at Windsor SWC 8.30am Tue 0.62 falling  
Hawkesbury R at Windsor PWD 9.15am Tue 0.55 falling below minor
South Creek
South Ck at Mulgoa Road 8.45am Tue 0.40 steady  
South Ck at Gt Western Hwy 8.45am Tue 0.20 steady  
Ropes Ck at Debrincat Ave 8.45am Tue 0.07 steady  
Colo River
Capertee R at Glen Davis 8.45am Tue 1.37 steady  
Colo R at Upper Colo 7.45am Tue 0.75 steady below minor
Macdonald River to St Albans
Macdonald R at Howes Valley 7.34am Tue 0.07 steady  
Macdonald R at St Albans 6.50am Tue 0.36 steady  
Lower Hawkesbury River
Cattai Ck at Murphys Bridge 8.45am Tue 0.53 steady  
Hawkesbury R at Ebenezer 9.15am Tue 0.43 falling  
Hawkesbury R at Lower Portland 9.15am Tue 0.11 falling below minor
Hawkesbury R at Wisemans Ferry 9.15am Tue -0.13 falling  
Hawkesbury R at Gunderman 9.15am Tue -0.31 falling  
Hawkesbury R at Spencer 9.15am Tue -0.37 falling  
Hawkesbury R at Patonga 9.16am Tue -0.44 falling  
Parramatta River
Blacktown Ck at Int.Peace Park 9.20am Tue 0.17 steady  
Toongabbie Ck at Johnstons Br 5.18am Tue 0.34 steady  
Toongabbie Ck at Briens Rd 9.00am Tue 0.34 steady  
Toongabbie Ck at Redbank Rd 9.43am Tue 0.25 steady  
Loyalty Rd Basin 5.14am Tue 0.24^ rising  
Darling Mills Ck at Nth Parramatta 9.41am Tue 0.31 steady  
Parramatta R (Riverside Theatre) 9.34am Tue 1.13 steady  
Parramatta R at Marsden Weir 7.37am Tue 0.56 steady  
Pendle Hill Creek at Toongabbie 9.40am Tue 0.00 steady  
Georges River
Georges R at Minto Heights 8.45am Tue 0.48 steady  
Bow Bowing Ck at Redfern Rd 8.45am Tue 0.16 steady  
Bunbury Curran Ck at Railway Pde 8.45am Tue 0.07 steady  
Georges R at Liverpool Br 9.15am Tue 0.05 steady below minor
Georges R at Scrivener St 9.15am Tue -0.06 falling  
Prospect Ck at Smithfield Rd 9.30am Tue -0.36 falling  
Orphan School Ck at Sackville Rd 8.45am Tue 0.05 steady  
Prospect Ck at Lansdowne Br 9.15am Tue -0.09 falling  
Cabramatta Ck at Irelands Br 9.15am Tue -0.06 falling  
Cabramatta Ck at Orange Grove 8.45am Tue 0.15 steady  
Georges R at Cutler Rd 9.15am Tue -0.08 falling  
Georges R at Milperra 9.15am Tue -0.09 falling below minor
Georges R U/S Kelso Ck Levee 9.15am Tue 0.83 steady  
Georges R at Picnic Point 9.15am Tue -0.23 falling below minor
Bundeena 9.16am Tue 0.50 steady  
Woronora River
Woronora Dam 8.15am Tue -3.01 steady  
Woronora R at The Needles 8.45am Tue 0.06 steady  
Woronora R at Woronora Br 9.44am Tue -0.31 steady below minor
Cooks River
Cooks R at Canterbury Rd 9.15am Tue -0.42 falling  
Cooks R at Tempe Br 9.16am Tue -0.43 steady below minor
  • 05/05/2021