Frank Walfords Cave
Frank Walfords Cave

Frank Walfords Cave

Another scrub bash, some moderate scrambing and a steep descent saw us in the cave.

After the extreme heat of yesterday, today was expected to be a max of 20C and clear, great for walking.  Cales & I headed up the Grand Canyon Road to Mount Carne .After a fairly scrubby walk in an easterly direction across the plateau, we descended into a tributary of Arethusa canyon. After an hour of searching and some serious scrub negotiation we had covered less than a kilometer… when we looked down to see the remnants of habitation.

Another scrub bash, some moderate scrambing and a steep descent saw us in the cave.


We found kitchen paraphernalia - (billies, frying pans, both tin, china & plastic cups), what looked like a meat safe, half a bottle of tomato sauce, a shoe.




There were 3 single beds, and a double bed, and plenty of flat space to accommodate at least 4 or 5 more occupants - all under the overhang.

There were 2 single beds with a small set of shelves between them, just the right size for a pair of shoes 

WC1  wc7

One of the singles had the remains of a hessian sack slung between two long branches to form a bunk.


A little further along we found the partially burnt remains of pipework that would have supplied water to the cave.

The cave would be visited by very few parties, unlike Darkes cave.

All this history is within 45 minutes of a well used fire trail - although anyone planning a trip there should expect a high degree of difficulty locating it - it is virtually impossible to find.

Private Cave

And another hard to find cave is ##### - not nearly as much paraphernalia, but interesting nonetheless.


It’s closer to Bells Line of Road and deep in the creek - only visible from 50m away.


A deep overhang and flat base, with easy access to water are common features.

  • 22/11/2015